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A Family of Restauranteurs

We pride ourselves on our Italian hospitality
and authentic traditional Italian cuisine.

Fabio's Ristorante is accredited by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.   We are the only Italian restaurant in the Overberg to hold such an auspicious accolade.

Most of our food is prepared 'alla minute', which means 'right now'.   This is an important part of the Fabio's dining experience.   You will smell the aromas of fresh food being prepared by our talented chefs.   You will hear gentle Italian music.   You will see photographs of our family history decorating the walls. You will feel the warm welcome of the staff from the moment you enter
...that's the Fabio's experience.

Please remember when you visit Fabio's Ristorante that we don't encourage main meal sharing.   There are a number of dishes on the menu made to be shared.
Also, we DON'T have a "Bring Your Own Wine" policy. We DO have an exstensive range of local and imported wines in stock to suit all tastes and pockets.

...and finally, please feel free to comment about your experience to any of the staff. A compliment is always welcome - a complaint is an opportunity to improve.


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Coupons are available from bar

The customary service fee (gratuity) of 10% and is applied to all tables of 4 or more.
No credit card transactions are accepted for purchases of less than R100.oo.
All items and ingredients included in this menu are subject to availability
The menu in the ristorante may include dishes not mentioned here

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